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Intelligent Automation in Healthcare 2018

Redesigning Healthcare Ecosystem with Intelligent Automation

The healthcare industry continues to face problems caused by rising costs, lack of resources, and fierce competition. Meeting these challenges demands new skillsets and a very different workforce that will be made possible by the pervasive introduction of intelligent automation. Data-gathering will be less expensive, treatments will be more accurate and the overall healthcare workflow will be more streamlined. Intelligent Automation helps healthcare providers not only reduce costs and gain efficiency, but also increase the quality of patient care. Treatments will be more personalized and doctors will be more available to help patients through the continuum of care. Healthcare settings will only be able to compete if they can seamlessly harness and integrate their health IT strategies and new care delivery.

This three day conference will not only provide key networking time for leading healthcare decision makers to collaborate on joint ventures, but also will help you to explore practical strategies to integrate robotic automation processes, machine learning, artificial intelligence and other cutting edge technologies that are revolutionizing healthcare to your own organization.


Top Benefits of Attending

Experience 3 Days of Expertly Curated Content

Learn how to reduce operational costs by using an effective intelligent automation strategy while improving the quality of care

Meet With and Compare Dozens of Leading-Edge Solution Providers

Network to learn how leading health systems, research hospitals and health plans are enjoying the benefits of IA

Forge New Connections and Benchmark Against Peers

Revisit the way you look into Data Privacy, Cyber Security and Fraud Protection

Meet With and Compare Dozens of Leading-Edge Solution Providers

Explore how to better utilize of natural language processing, text analytics and other AI tools

New This Year! IT Modernization Track

Analyze the role of machine learning in precision medicine

New This Year! ITFM Boot Camp

Evaluate the future of surgical robotics and nursing assistants

Take Advantage of Our Group Discounts and Bring the Whole Team

Improve your administrative and clinical functions with Artificial Intelligence solutions

Take Advantage of Our Group Discounts and Bring the Whole Team

Join compelling round tables, site visits and other interactive sessions for a unique educational experience

Digital Health Revolution

  • An outline of the top 3 key areas of IoT application within healthcare

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Intelligent Automation in Healthcare Agenda

  • See how your peers are addressing the latest challenges within implementation of intelligent automation in healthcare

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Attendee Snapshot

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