April 29 - 30, 2019
Minneapolis, MN

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The Intelligent Automation for Healthcare Administration Summit is heading to Minneapolis, April 29-30, 2019. Join us for two days of networking with a senior level of financial and technological directors, learning how to leverage automation and large-scale data analysis & more.

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Featured Content

Ascension Health Presentation Packet: RPA in Healthcare Roadmap

2 presentations from the RPA pioneers, Ascension Health. Find out how they took their intelligent automation program from zero to sixty to not only reduce costs, but optimize patient care. The 2 presentations cover:You’ve Decided to Automate? Now What?You’ve Got The Low Hanging Fruit, Now What?Take a look to find...

Inside the Operating Room of the Future

A true pioneer in the industry, find out how Massachusetts General Hospital / Partners HealthCare/CIMIT’s built their state-of-the-art, Medical Device Plug-and-Play Interoperability Lab. Julian M. Goldman, MD., Director and Founder of the MD PnP Program walks us through the development of this next gen lab, what projects they’re currently working...

Artificial Intelligence: The Enemy or The Hero?

Humans all over the world have mixed feelings on the power of artificial intelligence and what it might do to society and jobs. Many are scared and afraid. What most people do not take time to do is research how it’s doing good for the environment, health system and governmental...

Transforming Healthcare Administration with IA

From cost savings to increased regulatory compliance, the potential for intelligent automation solutions such as RPA, artificial intelligence and cognitive technology is limitless! But how do you get started?In our 2019 Industry Report, we share 3 real-world case studies to uncover the challenges, opportunities and business results associated with IA...

Whitepapers & Reports

AI & Intelligent Automation Network State of The Market [REPORT]

It has become ever more clear that corporate enterprise practitioners must scale intelligent automation. You must also reestablish whether or not you’re on the right path as you plot your course on your intelligent automation journey. But you can’t fall behind so you’ve got to start working with cognitive solutions...

Making The Business Case For Intelligent Automation

In this White Paper, you will gain a better understanding of the simple steps required to build a business case for IA, including the benefits of using a Business Case Tool to quickly and easily model many processes, understand the potential savings and prioritize accordingly in order to build momentum...

Infographics, Interviews & Articles

The Digital Health Revolution Infographic

From remote monitoring to smart sensors and medical device integration, healthcare IoT has the potential to not only keep patients safe and healthy, but radically transform the way physicians deliver care as well. In fact, the IoT healthcare market is expected to reach $136.8 billion worldwide by 2021. With that...

How Aetna Unlocks the Value of RPA

In this podcast, Chris Gilmore, PMP & Application Technology Leader at Aetna highlights how robotics and automation can positively impact multiple systems simultaneously. "Up scaling is a good example. What's nice about the Medicare organization is that Medicare is growing tremendously. One of the challenges they presented to us is...

5 Use Cases for AI in Healthcare

AI is becoming increasingly capable of doing what humans can do better than humans can, as in quicker and cheaper. What that means for healthcare is simply staggering. At the top of today’s agenda is how these medical organizations have implemented this technology to benefit their patients. How will this...