Intelligent Automation for Healthcare Admin 2019

Transforming the Digital Landscape Behind Healthcare

Consider these factors shaping the healthcare industry:

  • The rising cost of healthcare has put huge pressure on systems to save on administrative tasks in order to keep as much profit up front
  • The average annual cost of US healthcare insurance premiums for family coverage has increased more than 300% in less than 20 years
  • According to OECD estimates 20% of healthcare spend is wasted globally particularly on; Care Delivery Failures, Over-Treatment, and Improper Care Delivery

Intelligent Automation Can Assist in Effective Hospital Management by:

  • Automating back-end processes to improve cost-savings and remove human error
  • Creating smarter records by capturing data through connected medical devices
  • Streamlining RCM with machine learning to decrease claim rejections and improve the patient experience
  • Removing silos for data interoperability between departments

The Intelligent Automation for Healthcare Admin Summit provides a practical opportunity to learn from real-life case studies and thought leaders on how to collect, clean & utilize data more intelligently to automate back-end processes, increase cost-savings, streamline processes, and improve the patient experience


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Top Benefits of Attending


with a senior level of financial and technological directors responsible for upgrading and improving their healthcare organization’s data management

Learning how to leverage

automation and large-scale data analysis to improve patient experience and billing revenue

Case studies that will demonstrate

how to create transparency between the cost and revenue sides of the organization and create interoperability between enterprise resource planning and revenue cycle management

Gain insight into how Electronic

Health Records can be upgraded and retro-fitted in order to provide immediate improvement

Learn about the infrastructure

requirements for smooth data pipelines and process excellence

Develop new relationships with

solutions providers who can help solve the challenges of upscaling data analysis

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Digital Health Revolution

  • An outline of the top 3 key areas of IoT application within healthcare

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